Cultivating Open Minds

Art is Personal

It Pleases Us

It Pushes Us

It evokes different things for different people, but make no mistake, it evokes.

The world needs to constantly refresh talent streams to stay relevant. To stay ahead of conventional thinking. To stay awake.

West Africa is a wellspring of artistic aspiration. It’s filled with extraordinarily talented people, many of whom have yet to be discovered.

ArtWest plans to change that.

With ArtWest, you can explore rare art treasures from talent-rich West Africa. From paint to sculpture to photography, and everything in between, you’ll find what delights and inspires you. Plus, you’ll be cultivating an emerging generation of brilliance.

Levitation, Bernard Coker

Our Vision

Become the world patron of West African art.

Our Mission

We provide free art education so West African youth can thrive creatively, personally and professionally. 

Our Plan

Introduce brilliant West African works of art at openings around the world.

Help West African artists live fulfilling lives through art sales.

Develop tomorrow’s artists and creative thinkers in ArtWest art houses across West Africa.

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