Art Shows

Cultivating Open Excitement

ArtWest holds openings around the world, showcasing contemporary visual art from West African artists. Whenever possible, featured guests will be on hand to share the inspiration for their work along with their involvement at ArtWest.


High-end contemporary African art in the heart of the city

June 14, 2019

High-end contemporary African art in the heart of the city

June through end of July, 2019

Chameleon Shoppes

Gaviidae Commons
651 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55402


Artwork from select high-end African artists are on display at Chameleon Shoppes in downtown Minneapolis.


The ArtWest Discovery Show and Fundraiser

November 29, 2018 | Impact Hub, Minneapolis, MN

ArtWest presented its first show of contemporary art from West Africa during a private event at the Impact Hub in Minneapolis. Attendees had the opportunity to discover provocative new artists while also helping young people thrive creatively, personally and professionally. ArtWest makes free art education possible by using a percentage of profits from the sale of each piece to build and operate art houses in West Africa. This gives young people a greater chance to succeed in life through the exploration of promising new skills. It also provides sustainable income for West African artists through the representation and sale of their work. “The creative energy I experienced during my visits to the artist’s studios was electrifying. This feeling was equivalent to the great response received at the event,” says Stephen Okonmah, ArtWest co-founder. “The collectors were particularly interested in knowing which pieces are destined to stand the test of time with regard to value appreciation. I made it clear that all of them will.”


In addition to showcasing art by Chudi Igbanugo, a Minnesota-based Nigerian artist, the ArtWest Discovery & Fundraising event presented over 50 works of art that included photography, paintings and sculptures from several extraordinary artists throughout West Africa. “This may not be what you readily associate with the region. Its diverse cultures are rich, layered and vibrant with many hardworking and talented people ready to show the world what they’ve got,” states ArtWest co-founder, Rosemary Ugboajah.


ArtWest is also dedicated to bridging the cultural gap between continents. Through a program called “Art Pal,” ArtWest is building partnerships that support cross-cultural understanding and empathy between youth in Africa and America. “I’m excited Minnesota is being afforded a wonderful opportunity to not only witness this incredible art movement, but collect and sponsor upcoming African artists through ArtWest,” says Robyne Robinson, Principal, Allied AIA & NOMA fiveXfive Public Art Consultants.


The ArtWest collection will remain at the Impact Hub for a few more weeks before it travels throughout the United States.