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New art is yours to discover. New artists are yours to empower. You may even find yourself the subject of a new work of your own. ArtWest is presenting a kickstarter campaign with long-lasting potential.

Brilliant New Artists

As an ArtWest patron, your contribution will be put to very good use. Estimating a mere $200 per child for a year-long program, we plan to enroll 300 children in a West African art house. Proceeds will also go to the artist, based on the value of his or her work, and to the goal of developing more West African art housesĀ 

Brilliant New Opportunities

Art not only impacts the child and the community, it advances the economic growth and viability of a nation. Your ArtWest patronage will make a difference to a new generation of brilliant West African artists. Your support will help introduce contemporary West African art to the world. Choose your sponsorship package below or donate any amount you wish. We thank you.



1 bronze bust of yourself or someone of your choice*



1 oil portrait of yourself or someone of your choice*



1 oil painting from an ArtWest catalog*

* Receipt of a gift is optional. Charitable donation will be based on the difference between the cash gift and fair market value of goods received.
ArtWest tax exempt status under IRS code 501(3)(c) is pending. Donors will be notified as soon as the process if finalized.
A percentage of each art purchase will be considered a tax exempt donation.



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Donation Total: $10,000.00